March 12, 2010

Well this was pretty much the last pike I saw this season. He was hugging the bottom looking for a perch brunch. After Mr. Pike takes a half ass attempt at my perch decoy I pulled the perch out of arms way and it barely touches his back. Man does he take off! Well anyway, this is my last spearcam vid of the season, hopefully next year we'll tweak it a bit and get some better vids.



February 23, 2010

First let me say that ZERO muskies were hooked poorly, badly netted or released in an untimely manner. This muskie had absolutely no chance of finding itself on the DNR hook and line mortality stat. That being said, another great day about a mile out in Anchor Bay and this big boy doesn't think twice. I barely saved my time tested and often used muskie decoy from this huge cannibal. The beast has two lampreys attached to it. A pefect candidate for my spear but muskie spearing hasn't been legal here since the mid 1960's. It's not natural to continue to protect this apex predator. Pretty soon there won't be many other fish in the lake. Perch, walleyes and other species populations are down due to the over-population of muskies. It's time to harvest not "catch and release" a few of these 36-48" fish. It will also help the trophy fish population which is what you guys live for anyway. Another "Look and Release" muskie...for now.



February 7, 2010

Here's another spearcam vid from Lake St.Clair. In this vid Mr. Muskie considers chowing down on my 12" muskie decoy. Check out my pike spearing vids to see the very obvious difference between the look and color of this muskie and a pike. This 42"+ fish is not legal to spear on Lake St. Clair. Muskie spearing has been illegal since the 60's. Many fisheries biologists now agree that there is no scientific reason to this outdated ban. Even if you targeted muskies through the ice you would be lucky to spear one legal size fish every 4-6 outings. These charter guys are boating and releasing 6-10 fish a day and killing at least 30% of those that they release supposedly unharmed. We need to bring back the time honored muskie spearing tradition to Lake St. Clair.



February 5, 2010

Fellow darkhouse spearers, here's another pike spearing action vid taken with my spearcam system. This 36" pike puts up quite a fight! He does a few spins and rolls and tangles up my decoy lines pretty good. One of two nice pike I saw this morning. The other swam free. Check out my muskie vids too. Spearing Lake St. Clair Muskies is illegal....for now.



February 2, 2010

Here's another video shot on Lake St. Clair using my spearcam system. In this vid you'll see Mr. Pike go free. I am a board member of the Michigan Darkhouse Angling Association and we believe in "look and release". We do not spear everything that swims. We only harvest what we are going to utilize.
Mr. Pike lives on....this time.



January 31, 2010

After my first miss with my new spearcam system "close call for Mr. Pike" I redeem myself with this fresh vid. Spearing again on Anchor Bay in Lake St. Clair I got this spearcam video of a 32" pike. Check out these first ever vidz of a video camera mounted to a darkhouse spear!!

WARNING!!! Not for the squeamish. You may see a little of Mr. Pike's blood...and guts.



January 19, 2010

Darkhouse spearing on Lake St.Clair in Michigan. This nice northern pike lives to swim another day...barely!